Stuffing’s of Green Peas and Carrot – Steaming Hot – Stuffed Meal in Oil Free Patty

Here I explain the recipe in two parts- The Green Peas and Carrot Stuffing for Carrot and the second part is making of oil free patty to put the stuffing’s in. Ingredients: Green Peas – 1 cup, 2 carrots and 1 cup of refined flour, 2 spoon of oil for taste of stuffing’s. 1. MakingContinue reading “Stuffing’s of Green Peas and Carrot – Steaming Hot – Stuffed Meal in Oil Free Patty”


SOUP SALAD–IS A SALAD LIKE RUSSIAN SALAD MADE IN BASE OF ANY OF THE FLAVORS OF SOUP MIXED TO MAKE IT TASTIER AND LESSER WATER ADDED TO MAKE IT THICKER Soup Salad have lot of flavors and is tastier than Russian Salads. Using Ready Made Soup with Boiled Fresh Salad. Green Peas I used forContinue reading “SOUP SALADS–8 MINUTES ONLY”

Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy

Recipe for One Ingredients: 250 grams green peas, 1 medium sized potato, 3 spoon cooking oil of choice, 1 spoon black pepper, salt and optionally milk cream. That is it. Step 1. Take Green Peas and one potato, wash it and cut in very small pieces. Heat 2-3 spoon of cooking oil of choice in fryingContinue reading “Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy”