Steaming Hot White Noodles With Sause of Various Colors

Something hot and mind rattling, at least I found it so. Here is my recipe. All sides of plates will taste different, all scoops of noodles shall be of different taste and yum and hot. Ingredients: The following three are needed (1) White noodles, (2) Sauses you have (I had plain white mayo, tomato mayoContinue reading “Steaming Hot White Noodles With Sause of Various Colors”

Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs

Ingredients: Green leaves – I took spinach and fenugreek leaves, 100 grams, 3 eggs, Mayo, salt, green/red chili, other spices as per taste. The greens have a specific taste and cant be eaten without bread, use any refined flour bun/bread with it. Step 1. Cut and wash some green spinach and fenugreek leaves, I hadContinue reading “Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs”

The Rose Cake or Rose Pie or Rose Muffins – What should it be called ? [Caution: Check if you can consume Rose ]

Here I present the recipe I made for first time- called Rose Pie ! Rose cakes or Rose muffins ! I don’t know what to call it perhaps. I made it for my consumption, as rose do suit my body, check your body before trying rose, I even consume rose petals grown in my gardenContinue reading “The Rose Cake or Rose Pie or Rose Muffins – What should it be called ? [Caution: Check if you can consume Rose ]”

PeaNuts/Dry-fruit based Ice Cream or Puddings with No Milk Products – 15 minutes

Note similar recipe is for dry-fruit based ice-creams and puddings – however I here give peanuts based recipe as I am running out of dry fruits. Note: These are my recipes, test it for your suitability. Ingredients: bambino vermicelli – 2 bowl, 100 grams peanuts, and berries (optional), any fruit can be used on asContinue reading “PeaNuts/Dry-fruit based Ice Cream or Puddings with No Milk Products – 15 minutes”

Mousse in Berry Cream and Fruits Cream with No Milk

Ingredients: Dried/Fresh berries, 1 orange, some dry-fruits to form the cream and cocoa powder (optional) Step 1. Take some berries (I took dried, as I dont get fresh berrries here where I live, I arranged for some dried ones to make this) Take some dry fruits and one orange. Step 2. If the berries areContinue reading “Mousse in Berry Cream and Fruits Cream with No Milk”

In Dry-Fruit Cream, Carrot-Fruit Pudding

Ingredients: 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 orange, dry-fruits, cashewnuts, walnuts, almonds Step 1. Head 2 glass of water in a pan, put 4 spoon of sugar in the pan. Let water heat, while we do other things. Step 2. Dip some dryfruits in bowl, as much as you need the cream Step 3. Take 2Continue reading “In Dry-Fruit Cream, Carrot-Fruit Pudding”

Fruit Pudding – In Dry-Fruit Sause

–An exotic Pre Christmas Sunday Pudding Step 1. Take 1 apple, 1 orange, a scoop of raisons, few almonds, some walnuts and cashewnuts. Step 2. Take the dry fruits and dip them full in water for 15 minutes, till you cut the apple and oranges in small parts. Step 3. Cut the apple and peelContinue reading “Fruit Pudding – In Dry-Fruit Sause”

Exotic Unripe Mango Drink. An awesome mocktail!

Must try, in summers ! It just needs 2 unripe mangoes, salt, sugar for 3 glasses of exotic drink ! And total 5 minutes in kitchen! Its ready! You can add crushed cumin, mint to add more flavors. That’s optional and only after the first is done. I suggest a thicker version, to feel theContinue reading “Exotic Unripe Mango Drink. An awesome mocktail!”