Potato Fresh Veggies Salad & Fresh Toast for Meal

Recipe by, Nidhika Yadav

It’s so yummy, so much fresh

Ingredients: Two potatoes, fresh vegetables, I took, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, salt, red chili, onion

Step 1. Take 2 potatoes and boil them, I cut it in two parts, for a quick boil.

Step 2. Peel the potatoes,

Step 3. Take some fresh veggies with you, I took Onion, cucumber, carrot and capsicum

Step 4. Wash these veggies, and cut them

Step 5. Grate those you can, else cut them in very small pieces

Step 6. Chopping all, in small pieces.

Step 7. Put potatoes in this bowl of cut veggies

Step 8. Minx the veggies and potatoes, as are you comfortable in,

Step 9. Mix throughly, and put salt, half spoon, and pinch of red chili, mix well,

Step 10. The Potatoes Salad is ready

Step 11. Heat in microwave for 1 minute and serve it, it’s delicious fresh, have carbs of potatoes, hence a full meal.

Making a toast out of this, so as to make it a Meal

Step 1. Heat butter on pan

Step 2. Bake a bread in this pan

Step 3. Take break baked on plate and put the potatoes salad on it

Step 4. Heart it in microwave for 30 seconds or see, how much heat you need

Make more, try other forms of serving food,

Published by Nidhika

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