This website for my recipes of foods.

This website for my recipes of ideas in foods. I am trying it for first time myself.

These recipes are first time trials out of my innovative ways of thinking and some time at hand after all these hard working years. Please check it suits you or not. I am trying it for first time myself. After completion of Ph.D. I thought to try out things which are unconventional, not because I eat it, but because they can be used. However most of the time I eat breads and typical Indian food, and I don’t like long cooking hours, but shorter, crisp cooking. I used to cook since long but just normal cakes, normal breads, rice and Indian cuisines.

Many of these recipes are completely mine of which are novel and innovative, to the best of my knowledge.

Many are existing recipes – in which I give the tastes which are delicious and nutritious, as per me.

Some are age old recipes – but I love them – they are given here as well.

Some foods made in new ways and some foods in quicker forms for people like me.

Note: These are my personal tastes. If you are new to these spices or ingredients PLEASE check if it SUITS you. These are recipes made for my personal consumptions.

Nidhika Yadav

My official website: http://www.nidhikayadav.org

I am an Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Computer Scientist, Mathematician, Poet, Author.